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17.03.2017 14:56
Weekend Cups

 Hi 11x11 Community;

Esoterism Cup

On Saturday, we will have the Esoterism Cup, a cup which provide 500% experience to your players.

Starts: Every 90 minutes between 01:00 and 20:30

Participant Limits:

Esoterism Cup A     0-3 level (16 players)
Esoterism Cup B     4-5 level (8 players) 
Esoterism Cup C     6-7 level (16 players)
Esoterism Cup D     8-9 level (32 players)
Esoterism Cup E     10-11level (16 players)

 Golden Jersey Cup

 On Saturday, we will have the Golden Jersey Cup. This can be found on the "Action" Games > Cups Tournament.
Starts: Every 45 minutes between 01:00 and 20:30

Crazy Sunday Trophy A : lvls 0 to 4 ( 8 players)
Crazy SUnday Trophy B : lvls 5 to 11 ( 16 players ) 

Summer Time Cup
  Sunday we will organize for you the Summer Time Cup  at  The Summer Time Cups are designed 500% experience to players in each departure
                                                                                                                                                                                              Starts:  Every 60 minutes between 01:30 a.m. and 20:30.

Surprise Cup

On Sunday, we will have Surprise Cup, a cup which provide 500% experience to your players.

Starts:  Every 45 minutes between 01:00 a.m. and 20:30.

Participant Limits:
Surprise Cup A     0-3 level (16 players)
Surprise Cup B     4-5 level (16 players) 
Surprise Cup C     6-7 level (32  players)
Surprise Cup D     8-9 level (32 players)
Surprise Cup E     10-11level (16 players)

Note: On 29th March Union Championship and union Cup will be started. 
Besides, regular championship matches about to start these days. We remind you not to send you teams to play championship matches.

Enjoy the game,
11x11 Support Team


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