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10.07.2017 10:04
Hi 11x11 Community!

Just five days from 10th July to 14th July (inclusive), buy boosters and get star bonuses + experience bonuses!

To do this, during the promo, make a purchase of 30/50/100/200 boosters, and write a letter in the game to Support-1 with a note "Starfall" with an indication that the payment is made, and you will get:

- for 30 boosters - 2 experience bonuses x5 for 6 hours
- for 50 boosters -
1 experience bonus x5 for 6 hours and 1 experience bonus x6 for 6 hours + 10 star bonuses
- for 100 boosters - 4 experience bonuses x6 for 6 hours + 20 star bonuses
- for 200 boosters - 10 experience bonuses x6 for 6 hours + 30 star bonuses


- All experience bonuses have no expiration dates!;
- Boosters for different days are not cumulative;
- Per day the number of purchases is not limited;
Manually accrual within a day;
Borrowed boosters are not counted.

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