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20.12.2017 15:23
UT tournament start.
21th December at midnight the general tournament of union Teams starts in a friendly format. A link to the tournament will be posted in the " Games" section. This is a test game, so please understand the possible failures and bugs. We will observe the progress of the tournament, and your help in identifying errors will be very useful, if you write in Support, detailing the essence of the problem as much as possible.

We remind you, the rules of the tournament in a friendly format.
The beginning of the tournament at 00.00 at MSK, ending at 23.59. All unions are allowed to participate, even if their team is not staffed. For the duration of the tournament it is forbidden to change the composition of the team in the control panel of the union. There are no restrictions on the number of matches and the levels of participants. Under the link "Find an opponent" an application is submitted for the match and random opponent will be assigned, except for teammates. For the result of the match points are added:
- Victory over the Manager - 5 points;
- Victory over sparring bot - 1 point;
- A draw in the match with the Manager - 2.5 points;
- A draw in the match with a sparring bot - 0.5 points;
- defeat - 0 points.

The sum of the team members' points is the team's tournament points, which are recorded in the standings. The winner is the team, which at the end of the tournament has the maximum number of tournament points.

In case if tournament is held without fatal failures, the UT winner will be awarded:
- 10 millions in-game money to union finances. 

- 10 х6 for 24 hours to each member of the UT.

Also, an incentive prize in the form of three star bonuses will be given to all participants who score 100 or more points.

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