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13.06.2018 21:07
Mundial 2018
Dear managers;

Gran Prix - Mundial 2018

We are ready to celebrate the coolest football event of the year - and this is the World Cup in Russia! In honor of this event, we run Gran Prix for rating and superprizes - Mundial 2018.

Competition takes place in the individual format on rating points. Managers from level 6 and higher can participate.

Rating points managers obtained in action tournaments from 14.06.2018 to 15.07.2018

Competition rules.
Competition is held from 14.06.2018 to 15.07.2018 in the individual format on the rating points.
Participate can managers from level 6 and higher.
Rating points managers obtained in action tournaments, if the played match receives valid status.

Valid match must meet following criteria:
- a match with a "live" opponent (not with a Sparring bot),
- any result, except for technical defeat,
- average strength of players on field do not differ by more than 10%.

Based on result of valid match, managers are awarded rating points:

- winning the match - 5 points,
- draw - 3 points,
- defeat is removed 2 points,
- added difference of scored goals and conceded goals in the match (the negative result is subtracted).

Rating points accumulate during the game day(daily session), according to the results, the leaders receive prize star points:

1 place - 10 points,
2 place – 7 points,
3rd place - 5 points,
4-10 place - 3 points,
11-20 place - 2 points,
21-30 place - 1 points.

Also, based on result of daily session, maximum rating of each manager is fixed. That is, if the result of the session scored points exceeded the previous maximum value then it is overwritten by the new. Thus, at the end of competition maximum number of points that manager scored for his best daily session will be displayed. The start of a new daily session occurs at the time of updating the schedule of tournaments, about 5 am in Moscow.

At the same time, prizes are awarded for completed session, maximum rating is overwritten and current rating is reset. Maximum rating of managers participates in final personal standings by which determine the winner of competition.

At the end of Gran Prix all races for rating, leaders on highest rating receive superprizes in star points:
1 place - 500 points,
2nd place - 300 points,
3rd place - 200 points,
4-10 places - 100 points,
11-20 places - 50 points,
21-30 places - 30 points,
31-40 places - 10 points.

The first three places also receive an award in the managers profile. Attention! In this competition, a ban on "surrender" of matches is introduced. This means that managers should not play with a team that is intentionally chosen for losing.

Besides "surrender's" line-up "All along the edge in the positions of others", any line-up is prohibited in which 5 or more players are not in their position taking into account substituting players. If such a match is found, manager who put out the "surrender's" line-up will be penalized by blocking (ban) in the game for up to 30 days. In case the "surrender " match was played by teams on the same ip, both accounts are penalized with a blocking (ban) from 30 days to unlimited. 

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