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30.06.2018 00:40
Weekend Cups
   Hi 11x11 Community;

One Million Cup:
This Saturday, you will have the One Million Cup, this cup will bring 500% experience to your players
start: every hour from 02:00   to 15:00
Participant Limits:
One Million Cup A 0-3 level (16 players)
One Million Cup B 4-5 level (16 players)
One Million Cup C 6-7 level (16 players)
One Million Cup D 8-9 level (32 players)
One Million Cup (10 level  16 players
One Million Cup F 11 level (16 players)
One Million Cup G 12 level (16 players)

Esoterism Cup

On Sunday, we will have the Esoterism Cup, a cup which provide 500% experience to your players.

Starts: Every hour between 23:00 (saturday) and 22:00

Participant Limits:

Esoterism Cup A     0-3 level (16 players)
Esoterism Cup B     4-5 level (8 players) 
Esoterism Cup C     6-7 level (16 players)
Esoterism Cup D     8-9 level (32 players)
Esoterism Cup E     10-12level (16 players)

Crazy Sunday Cup
On Sunday, we will have the Crazy Sunday Cup! These tournaments offers 16 places , with the right experience and 500% !
Starts:  Every hour between 22:30 a.m. and 21:30 p.m.
Crazy Sunday A for Level 0-6 (16 players)
Crazy Sunday B for Level 7-12 (32 players)

Unions Championship and Cup:

The activity between Unions ended.
We would like to congratulate the winners and great thanks for your participation and time.

The rate of experience for winners will affect with matches the next month's Union of Month race.

Unions Championship <<<< WINNERS

Uniıns Cup <<<<<< WINNERS

Enjoy the game,
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