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25.07.2018 11:21
Additional Promo
Dear Users;

We offer you take advantage of a unique opportunity to purchase star players!

Only from 25 to 27 July you can order a unique player 16 years, 9th talent with skill 80 ( two positions 34, other 2) and star status "International star" or unique player 16 years, 9th talent with skill 80 and star status "Legendary Star"!

Cost of creating one “yellow” 80 skill player - 50 boosters. With star slot – 60 boosters.
Cost of creating one “red” 80 skill player with star slot - 150 boosters.
If you buy 3 or more players then price for each player will be 130 boosters.

Terms of promo:

- Limit of stars in the team should allow to get another star player, the limit of the total number of players also can not be exceeded;
- You have to buy an additional boosters specifically for this promo (even if you have the required amount in the account), during this promo - from 25 to 27 July;
- You can order more than one player.
- Term order execution - 1 day.

To take part in promo, you need to send a letter in the game to account Support-1 with the note "Big game", in which write characteristics of the player.

- After ordering the required amount of boosters will be debited from the account.
- Borrowed boosters are not counted;
- Boosters purchased prior to the date of promo are not considered;
- Gifts for other personal promos in this period cannot be obtained.

Enjoy the game,
11x11 Support
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