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26.12.2018 22:24
New Year Puzzle!
  Hi 11x11 Community;
Hooray! On the approach Christmas and New Year! We congratulate you with all the winter holidays and give presents!

On the main page you will find a mosaic, which consists of 12 parts. You can open one-shot a day - just click on it.

 If you collect mosaic until 7th January inclusive, you get a gift - 3 paid boosters and 3 virtual T-shirts with the numbers *, which will take part in the prize draw of New Year promo

*** Enjoy the game :)

* Please note that the boosters are accrued on a day when the entire mosaic will be collected full. 
** T-shirts for completed puzzle awarded on 8th January.

*** Terms of New Year promo - http://11x11.com/xml/premium/lotto.php
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