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09.01.2019 23:48
  Dear friends! 

We announce the discount for VIP-rank. If you buying / prolongation any VIP-rang you get back 20%of the spent boosters. To get the discount you do not need to report about it. The boosters accrue automatically at 00:01 MSK. The fraction boosters will not accrue.


Discount is valid only from 0:01 MSK the 10th of January  until 23:59 MSK the 11th of January. Calendar day from 00:01 until 23:59 MSK

Important Note:

"The borrowed boosters which its is still unpaid will not be accounted.
If you get active credit, you can't take part in promo, until you repay the loan (can't get 20% boosters back)."


 From 10th to 11th January inclusive (MSK), you can enhance the experience of your players to four, five or six times!

- Bonus experience х4 for 4 hours (shelf life 30 days) - 9 boosters;

- Bonus experience х5 for 5 hours (shelf life 30 days) - 10 boosters;

- Bonus experience х6 for6 hours (shelf life 30 days) - 11 boosters;

- Bonus experience х7 for3 hours (shelf life 30 days) - 18 boosters;

- Bonus experience х7 for6 hours (shelf life 30 days) - 35 boosters;

Buy experience bonus >>>> PROMO LINK

Enjoy the game,
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