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Weekend Cups
   Hi 11x11 Community, 

Heaven Crown Cup

On Saturday, we will have the Heaven Crown Cup, a cup which provide 500% experience to your players.

Starts: Every hour between 22:00(Friday) and 21:00.

Participant Limits:

Heaven Crown Cup A     0-3 level (8 players)
Heaven Crown Cup B     4-5 level  (8 players) 
Heaven Crown Cup C     6-7 level  (16 players)
Heaven Crown Cup D     8-9 level  (32 players)
Heaven Crown Cup E     10-12 level  (32 players)

Winter Season Cup
On Saturday, we will have the Winter Season Cup! These tournaments offers 16 places , with the right experience and 500% !
Starts: Every hour minutes between 22:30(Friday) and 20:30 

Winter Season Cup A for Level 0-4 (8 players)
Winter Season Cup B for Level 5-8 (16 players)
Winter Season Cup D for Level 9-12 (16 players)

Crazy Saturday 
On Saturday, we will have the Crazy Saturday Cup! These tournaments offers 16 places , with the right experience and 500% !
Starts: Every 60 minutes between 23:30(Friday) and 21:30

Crazy Saturday A for Level 0-7 (16 players)
Crazy Saturday B for Level 7-12 (32 players)

Star Trophy:

This Sunday, you will have the Star Trophy, this cup will bring 500% experience to your players
Start: every hour from 23:00 to 22:00
Participant Limits:
Star Trophy A 0-3 level (8 players)
Star Trophy B 4-5 level (8 players)
Star Trophy C 6-7 level (16 players)
Star Trophy D 8-9 level (32 players)
Star Trophy E 10 level (16 players)
Star Trophy F 11-12 level (16 players)

Winter Time Cup
Sunday we will organize for you the WInter Time Cup.
Starts: Every 60 minutes between 23:30(Saturday) and 21:30

The Winter Time Cups are designed to provide 32 players and 500% experience to players .

Winter Time Cups have no level restriction and are open to all users. 

The winners of new year promo, please send the players profile as below. The gifts willl send as soon as posible.

Special Player Skill Limits:

Min skill - 8
Max skill for “Super legend” = 40
Max skill for “Legend” = 37
Total min - 99
Total max - 199

Player name-surname:
Players skills:

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