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09.06.2019 00:19
Deal boosters FREE! Upgrade!
 There never too much boosters? Yes? So this promo is for you!

From 0:01 MSK 9th June and until 23:59 MSK 11th June we provide a promo "
Deal boosters FREE!". During this promo you have a chance to get bonus to your boosters!
Terms and Conditions:

- You have 3 attempts to find out what is under a question mark. Your percentages will be summed. So if you open 30%, 50% and 100% you will get 180%.
- There is no limitation on the amount or number of payments;
- If you do not make a payment during the days of promo, your rate will be annuled;
- You can try to get diffrent percents for paid boosters. Cost of updating - 5 boosters. Number of attempts is unlimited.
- Obtained by multiplying boosters have not expiration date.
- Fractional boosters round.

ATTENTION! To multiply the boosters, you must first 
get a percentage of rate and only then make the payment.

Your percentage is 180%, if you buy 10 boosters, then you will get 28 boosters (10 that you bought and 18 as gift from administration). If you get 300% and buy 10 boosters, then you will get 40 boosters (10 that you bought and 30 as gift from administration)

* The borrowed boosters which its is still unpaid will not be accounted
** After end of promo multiplying will be impossible
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