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26.08.2019 19:20
   Hi 11x11 Community;

WCUT- World Championship of Union’s Team
We have another activity  WCUT, which will give chance to get a lot of gifts from the administration. 

On 30th August the Qualification period will start and the first tour will be on 2nd September.

We would like to remind you about the rules of WCUT.

Course of the tournament:
1. Change in composition of the Union’s teams is blocked for duration of tournament.
2. All tours are exactly the same, matches in the format "against all" (as in the qualification). Participant, by pressing "Find an opponent", gets any opponent who submitted an application, except for teammates.
3. There are no limits on matches, levels and strength of teams.
4. Did not play during the match - a technical defeat, the opponent's points are counted as a victory.
5. Tour starts at 11.00 and ends at 00.00 in Moscow Time.


1. By the result of the match points are awarded, as well as in the qualification:
- Victory over the Manager - 5 points; 
- Victory over sparring bot - 1 point; 
- A draw in the match with the Manager - 2.5 points;
- A draw in the match with a sparring bot - 0.5 points; 
- defeat - 0 points.
2. Accrued points are individually counted in the general table of participants (all participants of all Union’s Teams together)
3. Tournament points are determined by the place of the participant in the general table at the end of the tour.
О = N – М; O - points, N - number of participants, M - place in the overall standings
With 50 participants, 49 points are awarded to player at 1st place, player in last place - 0.
4. UT Points - this is the sum of the points of the team members. These points are displayed in the resulting team standings.
5. The Union’s Team that at the end of the last tour has the maximum number of tournament points by the sum of all tours wins. In the case of equality of tournament points, the team with the highest number of wins has priority.

Additional changes:

1) This time we add knockout system - every tour team with lowest result will leave competition
2) Add limit to matches per tour by union Team - 200 matches.

Additional experience for WCUT will be same as in the former one.

Note: Prizes and limits for players are same as in the previous WCUT


We would like to announce that new Championship registrations are open. We hope you all apply and we can start as soon as possible.

Good luck to all users during championship matches and don't forget to send your teams!

Enjoy the game,
11x11 Support Team
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