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23.10.2019 17:40
Official/Nominal Cups, Red Star Player
  Hi 11x11 Community, 

We would like to remind that,  you can still creat cups for you and your community!

Official Cup:

Special cups for football unions. Official Cup will be created for a fee. 

If you want to create an official Cup;

-You need to make a purchase of 100 boosters and write a request for its creation from the owner of the union. 

-Boosters will be debited and creation of the cup starts.

-The owner should specify the time at MSK, name of cup, provide a picture or idea of picture. 

-Please note that the tournament is not possible to create more than 32 people.

-Prize money are paid each time from the Guild Finance, so you can adjust them by specifying the number of players in the tournament. 

-Please note that glory is directly depends on the amount of prize money.

-You can set power of the bot by selecting it from the specified values: 80, 96, 120, 136, 160, 176, 200. If the data is not specified, bot will be set by default to 96. 

-You can specify the type of stage in the tournament, for example, make more games play-off. By default, in tournament for 32 people is 3 stages "group" and 2 " play-off " and prize money 133,000 (maximum value for all Official Cups).

-You need only once pay 100 boosters for Official Cups. Then it will be take place 1 time a day, 7 days a week, all the time.

-Limit - 1 cup of 1 Union. Waiting for Cup start up to 2 weeks.

Nominal Cups:

We also would like to refresh your mind that, any player who has reached level 11, can apply for the creation of a nominal tournament!

To create a nominal tournament you need to:

- Must be 11 level and write letter to account Support-1.
- Specify the desired time in Moscow. Cup will be held once a day at a specified time.
- Name of the cup and what there must be illustrated. Or attach a screenshot of the image. The image must in be square size.

Please note that you need to specify exactly what you want to see at the cup because cup made only once. Avoid a lot of details in the image, because cup is small, the picture may not be visible.

All applications will be accepted in English
Cup rules will be set by Administration.
For the first time, due to the large number of requests are possible delays in the creation of cups, be patient.

Red Star Player

Don't miss the opportunity to change your International Star to Legendary star just buying 90 boosters.

Enjoy the game,
11x11 Support
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