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17.08.2020 11:55
Twenty Victories
  Hi 11x11 Community;

From 17th August to 23rd August (inclusive) you must done 20 daily victories in cup matches every day. In the case of the complited task, 24th August at 14:00 (MSK) you will be automatically awarded with 30 star bonuses.

Count of victories (see. Below) will help you keep track of your achievements throughout the promo. Data for the current game day will appear at midnight (MSK).

Victories are counted in the matches of:
- Cup tournaments
- Mixed tournaments
- VIP tournaments
- Action 

Victories are not counted in the matches of:
- Commercial tournaments
- Local FU tournaments
- Friendlies matches
- With Sparring Bot
- Star League
- Championships

The promo will last from 17th to 23rd August (inclusive). Counting days from 00:00 to 23:59 MSK.

Enjoy the game,
11x11 Support Team
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