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07.09.2020 14:31
Unions Cup / Championship

Hi 11x11 Community;

We would like to announce you the new activity in near future.  This time there are some new changes. 

Changes in union Cup
1st round of the union Cup is a qualification round for participation in the union Championship;
2nd round of the union Cup, determines the distribution of union by Division;
1/32 union Cup are participants in the HF Championship
1/16 union Cup are members of the gold division

Changes in limits
Limit = 5 * (sum of all union matches) / (number of members of the union)
And NO 20 hours limits during union Cup/Championship

Here is the schedule 

Union Cup:

15-Sep-2020 1 Tour
17-Sep-2020 2 Tour
23-Sep-2020 3 Tour
30-Sep-2020 4 Tour
07-Oct-2020 5 Tour
Union Championship:

21-Sep-2020 1 Tour
22-Sep-2020 2 Tour
24-Sep-2020 3 Tour
25-Sep-2020 4 Tour
28-Sep-2020 5 Tour
29-Sep-2020 6 Tour
01-Oct-2020 7 Tour
02-Oct-2020 8 Tour
05-Oct-2020 9 Tour
06-Oct-2020 10 Tour
08-Oct-2020 11 Tour
09-Oct-2020 12 Tour
12-Oct-2020 13 Tour
13-Oct-2020 14 Tour
15-Oct-2020 15 Tour

Enjoy the game,
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