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26.09.2020 22:54
Hot buns!
  Hi 11x11 Community;

With us you do not need to wait for occasion to get a present!

Use one of the three proposals and be cool!

I. Wise investment
- When you purchase from 20 to 49 boosters
we additionally we give you 20% boosters and 2 star bonus for FREE!   

II. Obvious benefits
- When you purchase from 50 to 99 boosters
we additionally we give you 30% boosters and 5 star bonus for FREE!

III. best deal
- When you purchase from 100 boosters
we additionally we give you 50% boosters and 12 star bonus for FREE!


Date of promo from 27  to 28 September.
Count calendar days from 00:00 to 23:59 (MSK).
Take part in the action, you can repeatedly. At the same time presents are added for each individual payment. The percentage of discount is not summed up.

Enjoy the game,
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