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18.12.2020 14:06
Dear Users;

As you all know 24th World Cup completed a few days ago.

During this World Cup and previous ones, we had many cases of unfair play which you reported us before. Your reports have always been important to us but, unfortunally rules are not always ideal and protective for fair play, and some players can manuplate them to change tides of all game. This time administration took a step in this regard and concluded that will be no penalties for these teams (some of them got winner places) at this time. Only for this World Cup, Instead of penalizing teams that manipulated WC rules, administration updated prizes for 4th team, so they all get Super Legendary Star, not just 3 best players. 

For the next WC organizatons, we decided to change rules, so there will be harder rules to play "dirty". As we say, there is no ideal rules and we hope, that you all help to make game better to all.

The administration never supports a player or a group of players, but tries to provide a fairer environment for all users. 

Best Regards,
11x11 Support
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