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28.12.2020 07:59
New Year Promo!

Hi 11x11 Community;

From 14:00 (MSK) on 28th December to 12:00 (MSK) 12th January everyone who buys boosters, gets a chance to win one of the prizes:
• 1st place 
- 15 star talismans (shelf life 30 days)
- 15 experience bonus x10 for 3 hours (shelf life 30 days)
- 50 star bonuses
- 6 star slots (shelf life 30 days)
• 2nd place 
- 10 star talismans (shelf life 30 days)
- 10 experience bonus x10 for 3 hours (shelf life 30 days)
- 40 star bonuses
- 4 star slots (shelf life 30 days)
• 3rd place 
- 5 star talismans (shelf life 30 days)
- 5 experience bonus x10 for 3 hours (shelf life 30 days)
- 20 star bonuses
- 2 star slots (shelf life 30 days)
• For players from 1st to 10th places - Football player (Super Legendary Star, 16 age, 9 talent), 3 star bonuses, 10 paid boosters, 3 experience bonuses x6 for 24 hours (shelf life 30 days)

• For players from 11th to 20th places - Football player (Legendary Star, 16 age, 9 talent)
• 3 experience bonuses x5 for 1 day (the shelf life of 30 days) +3 paid boosters for all players who have taken places from 11th to 100th.

Terms of the promo:
• In the prize draw can participate everyone who made a payment for two or more boosters in the period from 14:00 (MSK) 28th December 2020 to 12:00 (MSK) 12th January 2021.
• To all participants will be added T-shirts with numbers from 1 to 120 (Your T-shirts) - One T-shirt for every 2 booster.
• 11th  and 12th January will take place celebration tournaments, which will be open only to owners of T-shirts with numbers.
• Every minute, which is scored in the finals of the Wet T-shirts tournaments will determine the bonus number. For example: a goal scored in the fifteenth minute, will make happy owners of T-shirt with the number 15.
• If you have a couple of T-shirts with the same number, and in the final match goal was scored at the minute corresponding to that number, then the prize considered to only one of T-shirts. For example: you have following T-Shirts - 2, 7, 7, 7, 15. If in the final of tournament a goal again scored in the seventh minute, then the winning becomes only one number 7, not all at once. If in final match again goal is scored in the seventh minute then the second shirt with number 7 gets the prize.
• According to the results, 13th Januray, will be formed Rating of owners of T-shirts, where the first place will be taken by the holder of the greatest number of winning numbers (which coincided with minutes of goals scored).
• If two or more managers will have the same number of points , the exact leader will be determined in additional tournament.
• Goals scored during injury time * and the penalty shootout is not considered as a prize.
* Injury time of the match - a well-established term for the time that the judge added to the regular time in order to compensate for different puffs caused by injuries of players, substitutions, etc.

Click here to see promo link >>>> Wet T- Shirts


Enjoy the game,
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