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11.11.2018 03:37
Take away all unnecessary!
  Hi 11x11 Community;

 Accumulated a lot of unnecessary stuff? Exchange old for new and good! During the period of promo hand over unwanted experience bonuses.

1) Exchange the 2 experience bonuses x2 + 5 paid booster and get:

- 1 Experience bonuses x5 (for 5 hours, shelf life 30 days) 

2) Exchange the 2 experience bonuses x3 + 6 paid booster and get:

- 1 Experience bonuses x6 (for 6 hours, shelf life 30 days)
- 1 star bonus

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Don’t want to lose your experience bonuses? We have solution! You can extend the shelf life of yours experience bonuses for 30 days!

- 3 experience bonuses = 10 paid boosters;

- 6 experience bonuses = 15 paid boosters;

- 10 experience bonuses = 20 paid boosters;

Will be extended closest to disappearance of your experience bonuses.

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Credit boosters are not counted.
Calendar day from 00:00 until 23:59 MSK
This offer is valid from 11th to 13th November (inclusive).
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