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22.11.2018 22:09
Black Friday
Hi 11x11 Community;

We know your appetite. Therefore, your black Friday will last three days! From 23th to 25th November (Moscow time) you will get three super promos:

Any purchase may bring you 10 times more boosters! For example, bought a 5 boosters, get a gift 45 boosters. Bought another 12 – gift 108, etc. The size and number of purchases are not limited. After each purchase promo tell you amount of gift. Some say that on this Black Friday your fortune will be very high.

Offer is valid from 00:00 to 23:59 MSK (inclusive).
The fraction boosters will not accrue.
Gift may be given for every purchase. Size of gift may vary up to х10.

Example: you bougnt 10 boosters, Promo gives you "300%" - 20 boosters more. Total - 30 boosters. Then you can buy 5 more boosters and get "100%" then you will get no extra boosters. Total - 5 boosters.

You have a chance to level up your team with incredible speed!

Experience Bonus x10 - 15 boosters;

- Validity period is 3 hours. Shelf life 60 days.
- Only paid boosters are taken into account.
- Calendar day from 00:00 until 23:59 MSK

I want to buy experience bonus x10. – BUY NOW

Also you have unique opportunity to save your money and to buy the star bonuses at a low price:

buying 3 star bonuses -   11%
buying 5 star bonuses -   20%
buying 10 star bonuses - 30%
buying 20 star bonuses - 40%
buying 40 star bonuses - 50%

So 5 star bonuses cost 12 boosters, 10 => 21 boosters, 20 => 36 boosterss, 40 => 60 boosters.

To buy star bonuses with discount - BUY NOW

Enjoy the game,
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