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09.12.2018 23:08
Grand Prix
Hi 11x11 Community;
We would like to announce the new activity of the game. Tomorrow New Grand Prix season will be started.

Here are the rules:
- Grand Prix will last only a week (5 rounds),
- Results of matches are accepted in all regular tournaments, except for Local FU and commercial,
- Added limit on 100 valid matches in a daily session,
- Participate can managers from level 5 and higher, - according to results of Attestation will be calculated Team class(not the final version)
- End of tour - with last night cup (before 5 am MSK), next tour begins with the first morning cup (after 5 am MSK). The last tour on Friday.
Now to the question “why play?”
Firstly, to evade this race is really difficult. Playing in regular cups, the manager is already in the Attestation.
Secondly, prizes. You will get star points, same as was in Mundeal 2018.
Third, the result of the Attestation. Since valid are matches with an opponent with almost the same strength of the formulations on the field, this indicator more characterizes the tactical skills of the manager than any other. And we intend to use this result in the future as qualifying for admission to other competitions.
Formulas: Has / Vas = {0,9… 1,1}
where Has is the average strength of the home team, Vas is the average strength of the visiting team.
Based on the results of the Attestation, the Team Class is defined, which has a value from 0 to 100. Maximum class will be manager, who took the first place in the final overall standings.The class is calculated as follows:
where K is a class,
N - the total number of participants in the final table,
M - place in the final table.
The value is rounded to two decimal places.
The teams that did not take part in the Attestation, K = 0.

Enjoy the game,
11x11 Support
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