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16.10.2020 10:02
Experience bonus in an assortment!
 Hi 11x11 Community;

 From 16th to 17th October inclusive (MSK), you can enhance the experience of your players to four, five or six times!

- Bonus experience х4 for 4 hours (shelf life 30 days) - 9 boosters;

- Bonus experience х5 for 5 hours (shelf life 30 days) - 10 boosters;

- Bonus experience х6 for6 hours (shelf life 30 days) - 11 boosters;

- Bonus experience х7 for3 hours (shelf life 30 days) - 18 boosters;

- Bonus experience х7 for6 hours (shelf life 30 days) - 35 boosters;

Buy experience bonus >>>> PROMO LINK
Note:  Regular Championship registration is open. Do not forget to apply and be ready for a new challenge!!

Enjoy the game,
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