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14.04.2021 10:54
Thirty Three gifts!
 Dear Friends;

Experts say (and we take their word for it) that with skillful disposal of the resources received (plus a bit of luck) you can choose a promising player, "give him a star" not lower than gold train not only him, but the whole team, adding tens of millions of experience to everyone!
You need to buy 10 or more boosters in one payment on 14th to 15nd April  (inclusive) and each purchase you get;

- 20 paid boosters,
- 10 star bonuses,
- 3 x10 experience bonuses for 3 hours. (Shelf life 30 days)

* Boosters taken on credit are not counted.
** Countdown of a calendar day from 00:00 to 23:59 (Moscow time)
*** Promotion gifts are credited at midnight

Enjoy the game,
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