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27.05.2021 23:15
 Dear Users;

Promo starts at midnight 28th May and last until 29th May !!!

Any purchase may bring you 10 times more boosters! For example, bought a 5 boosters, get a gift 45 boosters. Bought another 12 – gift 108, etc. The size and number of purchases are not limited. After each purchase promo tell you amount of gift.

Offer is valid from 00:00 to 23:59 MSK (inclusive).
The fraction boosters will not accrue.
Gift may be given for every purchase. Size of gift may vary up to х10.

Example: you bougnt 10 boosters, Promo gives you "300%" - 20 boosters more. Total - 30 boosters. Then you can buy 5 more boosters and get "100%" then you will get 
no extra boosters. Total - 5 boosters.

Sales continue! A record price cuts! During the period from 28th to 29th May inclusive, create your own player (16 years, 9 talent) for just 15 boosters.

Besides! During the promo, a young football player can create by any level manager.

- Only paid boosters count
- Calendar day from 00:00 until 23:59 MSK.

Create your own player. (See "" Premium "" => Use a booster => Get a young player)

Enjoy the game,
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