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03.09.2021 02:29
  Dear friends! 

We are happy to give you extra percentage in VIP promo - 20%!

We announce the discount for VIP-rank. If you buying / prolongation any VIP-rang you get back 20%of the spent boosters. To get the discount you do not need to report about it. The boosters accrue automatically at 00:01 MSK. The fraction boosters will not accrue.


Discount is valid 3rd and 4th of September Calendar day from 00:01 until 23:59 MSK

Important Note:

"The borrowed boosters which its is still unpaid will not be accounted.
If you get active credit, you can't take part in promo, until you repay the loan (can't get 20% boosters back)."



X6 Experience Bonuses 

Get young players? Give them a hard training!

From 0:01 MSK of 3rd of September and until 23:59 MSK the 4th of September you have the unique opportunity to gain experience for your team 6 times faster.

experience bonus x3 (valid for 2 hours, shelf life – 30 days) - for 5 spent boosters;
experience bonus x4 (valid for 2 hours, shelf life – 30 days) - for 10 spent boosters;
experience bonus x5 (valid for 2 hours, shelf life – 30 days) - for 15 spent boosters;
experience bonus x6 (valid for 2 hours, shelf life – 30 days) - for 20 spent boosters.

If during the day you spend 55 boosters, you will receive 3 experience bonus: 2 experience bonus x6 and one experience bonus x5.


- Only paid boosters count
- The boosters spent on loan repayments will not be counted
- Count the total amount of boosters, spent over the past day.
- Enrollment of bonuses occurs at midnight (MSK)

Note: With many players on vacation, regular championship started 21.07.2021 only in 1 division. We are sorry that not all players can play this time. Super cup will start at  24.07.2021.


Young Players Promo

Sales continue! A record price cuts! During the period from 3rd to 4th September inclusive, create your own player (16 years, 9 talent) for just 15 boosters.

Besides! During the promo, a young football player can create by any level manager.

- Only paid boosters count
- Calendar day from 00:00 until 23:59 MSK.

Create your own player. (See "" Premium "" => Use a booster => Get a young player)

Enjoy the game,
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