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07.09.2021 21:58
Arena of Champions

Dear users;

We have an exciting event for you.
So Arena of Champions event.

Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 21-00 MSK time, until 8th October will be new cups in Arena of Champions section. This month they will be dedicated to the legend of football - Pele.

Did we say legend? Yes, thats be main prize - Legend player Pele in your team. Purple star means that this player only can be get by Arena of Champions, all other stats
 are same with green star.

So - how to get your personal legend? Very easy - win most or cups in your level. Cups starts from 7 level and up.

Note: Union Cup and Union-Championship will start at 14.09.2021 and last until 14.10.2021

Good luck everyone!
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