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14.09.2021 21:06
Union Championship / Cup
 Dear users;

Now there is one of the most beneficial events of the game to train young players. New challenge new blood!

Here is the schedule of union Championship and union Cup. 


Union Championship
20-Sep-2021 1 Tour
21-Sep-2021 2 Tour
23-Sep-2021 3 Tour
24-Sep-2021 4 Tour
27-Sep-2021 5 Tour
28-Sep-2021 6 Tour
30-Sep-2021 7 Tour
01-Oct-2021 8 Tour
04-Oct-2021 9 Tour
05-Oct-2021 10 Tour
07-Oct-2021 11 Tour
08-Oct-2021 12 Tour
11-Oct-2021 13 Tour
12-Oct-2021 14 Tour
14-Oct-2021 15 Tour

Union Cup
14-Sep-2021 1 Tour
16-Sep-2021 2 Tour
22-Sep-2021 3 Tour
29-Sep-2021 4 Tour
6-Oct-2021 5 Tour

Note: Please do not forget to
APPLY for the regular championship.

Good luck,
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