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09.11.2021 20:48
Celebration of 11.11
Enjoy November 11

  Only 11th November!

The puzzle is loaded exclusively with star points. The amount of the winnings is different. The luckiest one - and this, of course, you - will receive 1000 STAR POINTS, which is the same as receiving Super Legendary Star!
To receive prizes, you need to open puzzle pieces (see the main page).
Each piece is winning.

The puzzle can be opened multiple times.

Fragment cost:

One snippet is already open as an example.
First, second and third fragments - 1 paid booster;
The fourth and fifth fragments - 2 paid boosters;
The sixth and seventh fragments - 3 paid boosters;
The eighth and ninth fragments - 4 paid boosters;
The tenth and eleventh fragments - 5 paid boosters.

Attention - Opening the entire puzzle does not guarantee a super prize


Only 11th November, you can get unique bundle:

1 star slot;
1 star talisman;
10 star points;
10 star bonuses.

Note: Shelf life for star talisman and star slot are 30 days

For only 15 boosters!
Number of purchases are not limited.
Star slot and star talisman are have an expiration time - 30 days
Calendar day from 00:00 until 23:59 MSK. 



 Dear users;

Promo is just for 11th November

Does Random love you? Is luck escaping?

Then this promotion is for you!

The Gold Booster now insures* against failure.
In the worst case, the stock will have a coefficient of 2. Bad luck again? But no! You get an award !!!
For every 10 purchased boosters, x7 experience bonuses are awarded as a gift!

For example, you bought 10 boosters, the odds are 2. You get 20 boosters and another x7 experience bonus for three hours (expiration date 30 days).

And any purchase may bring you 10 times more boosters! For example, bought a 5 boosters, get a gift 45 boosters. Bought another 12 – gift 108, etc. The size and number of purchases are not limited. After each purchase promo tell you amount of gift.

Offer is valid from 00:00 to 23:59 MSK (inclusive).
The fraction boosters will not accrue.
Gift may be given for every purchase. Size of gift may vary up to х10.

*Insurance is charged only when the odds are 2.

Example: you bougnt 10 boosters, Promo gives you "300%" - 20 boosters more. Total - 30 boosters. Then you can buy 5 more boosters and get "100%" then you will get no extra boosters. Total - 5 boosters.

Good luck!
Enjoy the game,
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