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11.12.2021 23:31
Win-Win Puzzle
 Hi 11x11 Community;
 From 0:01 MSK the 12th December and until 23:59 MSK 13th of December open the fragments of puzzle and collect the prizes.
You can open unlimited quantity of fragment of puzzle and even unlimited quantity of the puzzles! To open the fragment you must have enought boosters.

The first, second and third fragments costs for 1 paid booster each;
4th and 5th - 2 paid booster,;
6th and 7th - 3 paid booster;
8th and 9th - 4paid booster;
10th and 11th - 5paid booster.

Each fragment contains one of next prizes:

- Invitation to the tournament;
- Restoration (+1 booster);
- special ability;
- position training;
- 10 boosters;
- Trainig camp in UAE / Canada;
- Bonus experience x2 for 24 hours (shelf life 30 days);
- Bonus experience x3 for 6 hours (shelf life 30 days);
- Bonus experience x6 for 3 hours (shelf life 30 days);
- 3 star bonuses;
- 3 star points;

Star talisman (like star bonus, but give 30000 exp and x10 probability of star upgrade, shelf life 30 days)
- Unknown star player 16 years 9 talent with undistributed experience (Star players can be created in 72 hours after receiving the prize) ; 
- 20% discount on vip (Offer valid strictly within the period of the promo)
- 20% discount on the purchase of boosters (valid for 24 hours from the receipt of the fragment. Two identical fragments not summarize discount. Discount will be available based on the time of receipt of the last segment. For example, the 1st fragment was opened at 10:00 the 1 of April and will be valid till 9:59 the 2 of April. The 2nd fragment was opened 23:00 the 1 of April and will be valid till 22:59 the 2 of April). So you receive th 20% discount from 10:00 the 1 of April to 22:59 the 2 of April.
- 20% increasing the revenue of the stadium (valid by analogy with discounts of booster purchase);
- New super prize - one-time 200% purchase!

The borrowed boosters which its is still unpaid will not be accounted. 

Enjoy the game,
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