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13.12.2021 21:18
WC Ended
 Hi 11x11 Community;

As you all know, we left behind the World Cup. During the long marathon all the teams had big challanges. At the end of this hard four weeks there are lots of waiting gifts for the participants as mentioned before.

Congratulations to all winners!

Here is the first 3 teams:
super hunter
Here you can find the full list >>>> 
WC Results

The first team who selected as the 'Thunderstorm of Stars' is 

Also we would like to congratulate
FCDUDELANGE who is the individual champion of World Cup. 

The winner as 'Rising Star' is

Here you can find the indivivdual list >>> Individual Winners

For more info about prizes you can visit our official world cup page here >>> 
World Cup

For the team members
 who deserve a special player will see a link on their profile for 14 days. Each member can create his own player with the same limits. See the links below.

Link on the profile

Player Skills

Special Player Skill Limits:

Min skill - 8
Max skill for “Super legend” = 40
Max skill for “Legend” = 37
Total min - 96
Total max - 199

Important Note: 
Administration decided to change some rules for the next WC to provide a fair World Cup competition.


We have an exciting event for you.
So Arena of Champions event.

New Arena of Champions will be dedicated to Diego Maradona! (same rules as previous one). So first cups at Wednesday 15th and ends January 17th
Third - Final reminding about regular championship -  it start next week.

Did we say legend? Yes, thats be main prize - Legend player Pele in your team. Purple star means that this player only can be get by Arena of Champions, all other stats
 are same with green star.

So - how to get your personal legend? Very easy - win most or cups in your level. Cups starts from 7 level and up.

Good luck everyone!
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