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14.12.2021 21:26
 Dear friends!
We announce the discount for VIP-rang. If you buying / prolongation any VIP-rang you get back 50% of the spent boosters. To get the discount you do not need to report about it. The boosters accrue automatically after buying / prolongation. The fraction boosters will not accrue.
Discount is valid only from 0:01 MSK 14th December and until 23:59 MSK 15th December. Calendar day from 00:00 until 23:59 MSK The borrowed boosters which its is still unpaid will not be accounted.

If you get unpaid credit, you will not get discount!


There never too much boosters? Yes? So this promo is for you!

From 0:01 MSK 14th December and until 23:59 MSK 15th December we provide a promo "Deal boosters FREE!". During this promo you have a chance to get bonus to your boosters!

Terms and Conditions:

- You have 3 attempts to find out what is under a question mark. Your percentages will be summed. So if you open 30%, 50% and 100% you will get 180%.
- There is no limitation on the amount or number of payments;
- If you do not make a payment during the days of promo, your rate will be annuled;
- You can try to get diffrent percents for paid boosters. Cost of updating - 5 boosters. Number of attempts is unlimited.
- Obtained by multiplying boosters have not expiration date.
- Fractional boosters round.

ATTENTION! To multiply the boosters, you must first get a percentage of rate and only then make the payment.

Your percentage is 180%, if you buy 10 boosters, then you will get 28 boosters (10 that you bought and 18 as gift from administration). If you get 300% and buy 10 boosters, then you will get 40 boosters (10 that you bought and 30 as gift from administration)

* The borrowed boosters which its is still unpaid will not be accounted
** After end of promo multiplying will be impossible
Enjoy the game,
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