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18.12.2021 23:40
Boosters sale!
Time to make some boosters!

On 20th to 21st December (inclusive) buy boosters and get plus a quadruple amount! For example immediately after the purchase of 20 booster you will get an additional 80 booster. Thus, buying a 20 boosters, in fact you get 100 booster for only 20 euros!

- You can done as many payment as you want.
- You can buy as many boosters as you want.
- Calendar day from 00:00 until 23:59 MSK.

Extend your bonus life for 30 days paying only 2 paid booster.


Personal Promo Reminder
What can you get if you buy 100 boosters in a day?

You can get one of these gifts;

1-35 star bonuses  OR,
2- 6 xp bonus of x6 (6 hours) OR,
3- Mixture -  15 star bonus and 3 xp bonus of x6 (6 hours) OR,
4- A red star player if he is yellow star + 1 xp bonus x6 (6hours) [from now on]
5- We can also exchange boosters with star bonuses in large quantities. (Ex: 600 booster to 400 star bonus)

- Administartion takes back 90 bosters back at only 4th option.

Enjoy the game,
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