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Welcome to 11x11!

To make it a bit easier for you to get started with 11x11, we would like to accompany you making your first steps in the game with this short tutorial. We will provide an overview over the most important functions of the game, and we will give you important hints how to constantly improve your game.

 Have fun reading everything, and we hope that you will enjoy 11x11 for a long time.

 Available forms of games for beginners

In 11x11, you start at level 0; you are promoted to level 1 after three games and you get a modest financial seed capital. At the beginning, you only have the choice between friendlies and tournaments.

 You can sign up for tournaments or hold friendly matches (FM) under the menu item "games". Tournaments are marked with level restrictions and have fixed starting times. They only start, however, when the required number of users has been reached. It can happen that tournaments are overcrowded. VIPs (you can buy this status in the Premium sector under VIP status) are privileged take part in the tournaments. The remaining spots will be raffled by chance.

In both game forms, you have to configure your settings before each game, e.g. the formation, tactics, potential replacements, special tasks of single players - and so on. After you have completed your settings it is important to transfer them (function at the right hand side of the playing field) in order to successfully activate your formation. Attention: If your opponent has to wait for you more than 10 minutes in vain because you happen to forget this or be absent, the match will be evaluated as "technical defeat" with 3:0 goals against you.

 You have a maximum of 10 minutes to transfer your team formation to the server (worth knowing: Your players lose power/stamina in each game, during these 10 minutes they will recover a little). In the sector office/adjust formation, you can save some formations and tactics (here, however, it is not possible to transfer them) which you later can upload in a tournament or a FM. Outlook: The game type "Championship" is available for the first time from level 4 on.


You will always see this site first when you log in at 11x11. It is your manager control centre, so to speak. Here, you will find all possibilities the game offers. At the left hand side at the bottom of the grey coloured sector you can read the following information:

 Attribute meaning

Money Your current fortune

EXP Your experience scores (increase when you defeat or tie with players at the same or higher levels)

Glory You receive glory at tournaments; your success of the last 7 days is shown here

Points The total number of points that you have reached at 11x11. The points

serve to evaluate the best player of the month and are reset once a month.

Fans You win fans when winning and you lose fans when losing games

Booster You can purchase boosters or win them in certain tournaments. You

either can restore your team with them (regain full power, increase morale or heal injured players) or exchange them for ingame-money or rather acquire a VIP status (not possible with boosters that you have won).

E-Mail Your personal mailbox in the game

 In addition, there are many more options available on the homepage.

 Menu item Office

Here, you get an overview over your finances, your profile, your e-mails, adjust formation and note pad.

 Menu item Club

There is a multitude of buildings, staff members and stadiums available, which you can establish, respectively hire, with ingame-money. You also can create your club colours and your club logo here.

 Menu item Players

In this sector, you can see your squad, arrange training (if you possess club house 1 and trainer 1) or restore your players (only if you have boosters or a VIP status). Dependent on how high your rank is you can do this up to three times a day.

From level 2 on there is also a Free Agent available, i.e. a cheap possibility to purchase players (attention: watch out for the players' ages and levels!).

 Players get older twice a month – when they turn 40 they will retire and you receive 80% of the current market value as a one off payment.

 The transfer market is available from level 3 on. You can offer or buy players there. You also can build your own physical education school (from level 4 on). Then, you are offered – as in the Free Agent – a new choice of players every day. Later, in higher levels, you also can hire or rent out players.

 Menu item Games

Friendlies, tournaments and championships are available here. The archive provides an overview over the games you have already completed.

 Menu item Premium

Here, you can purchase boosters, use them or buy a VIP status. "Referral Program" is an option how to get boosters for free.

If you encourage friends to also play 11x11 and if they name you as the person who invited them, you will be rewarded by us: as soon as this new player has got 50 victories you will get 5 boosters, at 150 victories or more you will get 10 boosters.

 Please allow us to hint at something for our own sake: 11x11 is generally a game free of cost. Nevertheless, we have to finance somehow our staff, the internet servers and the expensive traffic. Thus, if you buy some boosters once in a while you will actively help us to offer and to improve 11x11 free of cost for a long time.

 Menu item Miscellaneous

Ratings, Football Unions, Hall of Fame, Contests, Newspaper, Community and Bets are here available as options. You can bet on games with ingame-money and increase your fortune in the sector Bets. But be careful: You also can gamble away your fortune! This option, thus, is to approach with caution!


You can find some helpful entries written by other 11x11 users – it is worth visiting it regularly. There are binding rules for all 11x11 fans that have to be abided by so that the game can be played peacefully and without any hassle. You should read them for a start! If you have questions or problems you can go to the menu item Support and write a ticket: The moderators and administrators will answer and solve it.


 Your first question surely will be: How can I get money the fastest way?

At the beginning all you can do is win tournaments, develop your stadium (watch the number of fans!) or exchange boosters for ingame-money. From level 3 on you can make money at the transfer market. And you also can build a fan shop which provides daily income.

 For the beginning, it would be very important to build a club house 1 and hire a trainer 1, because with them you can train your players and distribute the gained player-EXP. In each game you take part in, your players will gain EXP/experience scores. You shouldn't set up the intensity of training too high when you play tournaments, because your players will recover more slowly if you do so.

 There is a multitude of tactics you can set. You have to trust your football intuition when you want to know whichever the best one is. One hint: Every now and then, have a look at how your current opponent plays (you can find this in your opponent's profile under game archive). Watch your players' stamina. If it is down, you will have to take a break so that your players can recover. If you have fewer than 11 players you cannot transfer your formation which means that you will lose the game in a technical defeat with 3:0 goals.

 After a game you sometimes will win free combinations or skills. You can freely assign them to each player. You have to pay attention, however, to the kind of combination or skill you assign to each single football player. Both possibilities enhance your players and make them more flexible.

 Each tournament awards prize money. This is divided between all participants. The tournament bracket tells you the amount of prize money that is paid for each round – up to the tournament victory. In the tournament itself the points are counted first and then the achieved goals (e.g. a goal difference of 5:3 is better that a difference of 4:2).

 If you have any more questions you can go to the 11x11 chat room where you can find moderators that are happy to help you with your problems. You also can chat with other players and have much fun.

 Within the limits of this little "first-steps"- manual we unfortunately can only give a little insight to 11x11. Please, keep in mind that you at first have to build up your team and that huge achievements do not come overnight. By and by, you will learn new game options and certainly be a successful football manager. Do not be discouraged if you experience smaller backlashes. And as you know: Getting started is the hardest part!

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