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Contract Offer

Limited Company "Inartist", hereinafter referred to as "Administrator", publishes this Agreement that defines the procedure for providing administrative and technical services, which is a public contract-offer (formal proposal) to any interested person agree to the terms of this Agreement and the Rules participation in the online game "11x11", and hereinafter referred to as "User".

1. Subject of a contract

 The Administrator provides users of online game "11x11" organizational and technical services in the sequel - "Service", which represent a limited list of additional options (technical capabilities), the volume and value of which is defined in the "Paid Services" website www.11x11.com.

2. Acceptance of contract

2.1. The fact of authentication (identification) accessing the site Administrator (input unique user ID on the registration page and (or) any page on the entrance) is a full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Agreement and the Participation Agreement, which is published on the server administrator at http:/ / www.11x11.com/xml/main/rules.php?id=3, a user in accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom is regarded as a person who entered with "Inartist" in contractual relations.

Payment User Service is an acceptance of this Agreement.

3. Procedure of Service

3.1. To fulfill its obligations under this Agreement, the Administrator requires the user to undergo the procedure of pre-registration on the server of the Administrator, which is mandatory for completing the data input fields of the registration form located at: http://www.11x11.com/register/. The administrator is not responsible for the completeness and accuracy of information provided by User.

3.2. Registered user selects the amount, duration and cost provided to him by the Administrator of the Service Order Form, located in the section "Pay". Payment of the Service is done by transferring an amount equal to the value of the selected volume at the expense of the Service Administrator.

These administrators need to receive payment, specified by the user during the pre-registration and, if necessary, specify the page "Payment" Site Administrator, after filing the order "Invoice".

3.3. Within days after receipt of the payment amount to the Administrator account, user is given the technical possibility to use the selected volume of the Service. The administrator is not responsible for the state of the user's hardware, if it excludes or limits its ability to use the prepaid amount of the Service.

3.4. If the user claims to the volume and quality of service, he shall promptly notify the administrator via email info@in-artist.ru, informing with its identification data, the time of claims and substantiate them. User takes note that the Administrator may not be able to verify the validity of the claim, exhibited more than three days from the date of its occurrence. Administrator within three days from the date of receipt of the claim takes the user to an opinion on the receipt of the claim, and if it finds it reasonable offers users a way to compensate the inconvenience.

3.5. Services Administrator are paid and delivered in full and with due quality, if during the period of providing the service user is not presented to the Administrator a written reasoned claim in accordance with section 3.4.

3.6. When not using the full or partial users of the Service during the period of its provision, the services hereunder are rendered in full.

3.7. The administrator can enable a user who previously used the Service and paid for services in accordance with clause 3.2, a deferral of payment of a certain volume of the Service.
In this case, the user can choose the amount and value of the Service in the "Pay", which plans to pay in the future, and use it immediately. This user guarantees that the payment of the selected service will be implemented within one week.
If the user does not pay for services they received after seven days, the Administrator can block access to the Service-to-maturity debt. Restoring access is made within days after confirmation of payment of arrears.

4. User Responsibilities

For proper execution of this Contract, the User must:

4.1. Correctly complete the registration of new user on the website Administrator. In case of change of contact details and other essential information, make timely changes in the registration form, and if it is impossible, notify the administrator via email info@in-artist.ru.

4.2. Not disclose or transfer to others their identity, which can be user authentication on the server Administrator.

4.3. Do not use the service provided by the Administrator for commercial purposes.

4.4. Respect copyrights in this and other copyright owners, not to copy or transfer to third parties any substantial part of the content site Administrator. Do not use the Service for violating the copyright of third parties.

4.5. Familiarize yourself with this Agreement and the rules of participation, as well as possible changes and amendments thereto, which are announced by the Administrator on the front page 11x11.com.

4.6. Independently provide technical possibility to use the Service for its part, such as Internet access, the availability of software that is compatible with information transfer protocol http and other necessary resources.

4.7. Make timely payment of the Service and to maintain proof of payment, at least during the whole period of the Service.

4.8. Be responsible for receiving and disseminating information through technical means to ensure the use of the Service, in accordance with the law of the place of the user.

4.9 Transfers, rents and exchanges among players with allowed accounts on the same network, IP address, are strictly forbidden. The attempt of fraud with others is also prohibited and generates the loss of all accounts.

5. Duties of the Administrator

For proper execution of this Contract, the Administrator must:

5.1. Allow the user to use the Service in accordance with section 3 hereof.

5.2. Maintain confidentiality of data provided by the user, and not to transfer contact information about him to others, if it is not publicly available at the request of the user, except by court order or otherwise stipulated by law.

5.3. Notify the user by posting on the website Administrator and (or) e-mail messages substantial information regarding the Terms of Service.

6. Termination and Suspension of Service

6.1. The administrator has the right to terminate the Service in violation of the Terms of this Agreement or the requirements of the Rules of Participation, which resulted in causing damage to the User Administrator or third parties (including other participants in the online game), or if there is a risk of damage due to user action.

6.2. The Administrator may suspend User's access to the Service as a whole, and to any part of it without notice if the user is directly involved in actions that the Administrator reasonably deems in violation of rules of participation.

7. Liability

7.1. You are responsible for all accesses to the Service and the actions taken by them with the service provided technical capabilities, and therefore accepts full responsibility and possible risks associated with using services provided by the Administrator.

7.2. The Administrator shall not be liable for any costs User or direct or indirect damages that may be caused to users due to the use of the service provided technical capabilities.

7.3. The administrator is not responsible for the result of use or utility services in the amount ordered by the Service, as well as for the quality of access to the Service via the Internet. In case of discrepancy of the services provided in the amount ordered by the Service user's needs, he can stop using them, with the money invested will not be returned or compensated in any other way.

7.4. User assumes full responsibility for the safety of identity, provide access to the Service and for losses which may be incurred as a result of unauthorized use of its access.

7.5. Under no circumstances shall the Administrator shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user during use or inability to use the Service, in particular, suffered as a result of errors, omissions, interruptions, deletion of files, change features, defects, delays in transmission, etc. events that occurred through no fault of the Administrator.

8. Changing conditions and termination of the Agreement

8.1. The contract is valid from the date of its acceptance to the moment of execution by the Administrator of its obligations.

8.2. This Agreement, rules of participation and rates are official documents of the Administrator. The current version of each of these documents posted on the website Administrator. In the case of changes in the Terms of Service, User who has paid the service until the amendment has the right to the Service on the conditions in existence at the time of payment.

8.3. The administrator has the right to change the terms of this Agreement and its Annexes, to adjust existing tariffs, introduce new Schedules to this Agreement by posting notice of such changes on the site of the Administrator not later than 7 days before the changes come into effect.

Any change in prices does not affect already paid services.

8.4. The user bears the burden of checking for changes to the Treaty and the Rules of participation on the website Administrator.

9. Dispute Settlement

9.1.Claims Account shall be taken in writing or electronically (by e-mail: info@in-artist.ru) not later than 3 (three) working days from the date of the incident. Claims dealt with in three days, with Administrator may enter into correspondence with the user in order to clarify the nature and causes of claims. No response to your request within three days of the Administrator may be interpreted as withdrawal of the claim, in any case a decision on each claim should be taken in a period not exceeding 10 (ten) working days.

9.2. In case of any disputes or disagreements relating to the execution of the Agreement, the Parties shall make every effort to resolve them through negotiations between the Parties.

9.3. If disputes are not settled by negotiation shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of Russia.

10. Additional Terms

10.1. User self-control attack the termination of Service.

10.2. The user has the right to require the Administrator to address the problems with the provision of the Service, except in cases of force majeure circumstances.

10.3. The Administrator is authorized to send messages, using technical means as provided under the Service, or by sending them directly on my email.
The Administrator shall notify the User that the message may not be directly related to the Service, but the user has the opportunity at any time opt out of receiving such messages by means of commands or settings that the Administrator shall inform the User.
In particular, to opt out of receiving e-mails, the Administrator proposes to respond to the message with the message header, click "unsubscribe", with the proposal to unsubscribe to the Administrator includes the text of each e-mail distribution.

11. Force majeure circumstances

11.1. The administrator shall be exempt from liability for complete or partial failure to fulfill obligations under this Agreement if such failure would be a consequence of force majeure ("Force Majeure"), that is force majeure by the Parties under the given conditions, including riots, restraining the authorities' actions , natural disasters, fires, disasters and other force majeure, as well as:

11.1.1. Interruptions in power supply;

11.1.2. Global disruption of the work of  international segment of the Internet;

11.1.3. Crashing routing systems;

11.1.4. Failures in a distributed system of domain names;

11.1.5. Disruptions caused by hacker and DOS-attacks, as well as other illegal actions of third parties;

11.2. The Administrator shall, in the event that it is technically feasible, by e-mail and (or) by posting on the home page www.11x11.com notify users of the existence of force majeure within 7 (seven) days after the date of their occurrence.

11.3. If the offensive of the force majeure directly affected the performance of the Administrator of the obligations within the period prescribed in this Agreement, this period is extended in proportion to the duration of the relevant circumstances.

11.4. If unable to fulfill obligations under this Agreement will last more than 3 (three) months, this Agreement shall be deemed terminated without the payment of damages.

12. Mailing address:

Inartist, LLC (Инартист, ООО) 

4, Maliy Peschaniy per.,
125057 Moscow, Russia

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  All rights reserved.