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1. General agreement

The agreement on participation in game

1. Assigning to itself the certain obligations on the organization of game and game process, according to the concept of game existing at it, the administration at the same time does not bear any other obligations before the user. The administration does not answer claims of participants which fall outside the limits of its organizational and technical opportunities or misrepresent the concept of game accepted by administration.

2. One of the major rights that the user possesses is the right to free-of-charge participation in the game, providing with it some paid services, voluntary chosen by participants of the project*.
*User guarantees that s(he) possesses all necessary powers for the conclusion of the present Agreement. In case of if the user has not reached age of majority  s(he) should receive the necessary permission in the form demanded by the law from the parents, or lawful representatives.

3. The user has no rights to the account (property rights), except for what are stipulated by game rules. At the same time the administration guarantees timeless management of the account (right of use) if it honesty carries out one rule and conditions of game and does not break others - a game rule and a dialogue.

4. The major duty of the participant of game is strict and precise observance of the certain requirements containing in game rules and dialogue among which it is necessary to allocate:
- 4.1 prohibition on creation of more than one account; the usage of one account by more than one person
- 4.2 prohibition on execution with the purpose of receiving the illegal game advantages of any actions recognized by administration as manipulation;
- 4.3 prohibition on agitating racial, national, international and so forth hatred;
- 4.4 prohibition on the insult of other participants, conducting discussions in the indecent form which is falling outside the limits of conventional rules of behavior, use any kind of swear words;
- 4.5 prohibition on the insult of Administration of the Project and its representatives (managers of game, etc.),
- 4.6 prohibition on solicitation and (or) disclosure of the confidential information on participants, the personal information of the managers and moderators of the Project, and also other confidential information on certain persons and organizations,
- 4.7 prohibition on use of the software with the purpose of receiving the illegal game advantages (like play more than 20 consecutive hours etc);
- 4.8 prohibition on inappropriate or excessive use of words and phrases in other languages for languages used in certain areas of the game (forum, chat rooms).
- 4.9 transfering, renting, exchanging players on "allowed" multi-accounts (same IP). Also trying to ignore this rule by "using" a third person for transfering players.

English is the main language of dialogue in the given game (www.11x11.com); participants should observe this rule in a chat, at a forum, in the description of the Football Unions, in messages in Support(strict) and at addition of comments (unless other language is specified at the location, i.e. – “Indonesian Tribune”, etc.).

5. The administration resumes the right to expel from game a participant which breaks game rules and dialogue, irrespective of, whether it is the free-of-charge user or the owner of some paid services. Thus, the money received for payment of additional services from the participant, expelled for infringement of rules, do not come back.

6. The administration possesses certain set of technical and other opportunities for revealing violators. Any deceit sooner or later will be revealed. Anybody violating the rules sooner or later will be punished or expelled from game and banned. If the user is convicted of infringement of rules, the best output for him(her) - a duly recognition of the fault that can cause mitigation of punishment.

7. The administration does not bear the responsibility for illegal actions of users, including under the information used by them (also protected by the copyright), for granting false or unreliable information about themselves (users), for mutual liabilities of the participants of game between each other.

8. Each participant has the right to a voluntary “exit” from game (finishing the game) at any time on any, convincing bases for it. The administration will be grateful to those of them who will in due time inform the support with the instruction of the reasons of an exit from game.

9. If user make a restart, we don´t transfers any features from the old account to the new account, includet booster and exp-bonus.

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