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1. Chat Rules

 We have some simple chat rules aimed at creating a pleasant surrounding for all players. These rules can be reviewed here. 
1) Insults / threats / xenophobia
Threats, insults, expletives, xenophobia/racism and provocation of any kind do not belong in chat and will be penalised after a warning. In individual cases, a chat ban may be imposed without warning. 
2) Spam
Spamming is not permitted in chat. “Spam” is defined as repeating one or more chat phrases in short intervals or with no intervals. Spam which may trouble the actual support service is not tolerated at all.
3) Caps / Unnecessary punctuation / special characters
The excessive use of Caps Lock is not permitted. “Caps” refers to using large print in chat, for example, CAPS or HELLO. One exclamation mark at the end of a sentence is sufficient. The use of special characters is also not appropriate. 
4) Real-Life Threats
Real-Life Threats have no place in 11x11 chat. Such threats may be punished with a chat ban and possibly an account ban. 
5) Advertising
Advertisement for products (any kind of websites) not related to Inartist-Games is not permitted in chat.
6) Ban Discusions
Ingame and chat bans are NOT to be discussed publicly in the 11x11 channels. Please contact the staff member privately.
Moderators will interpret this rules if there is ambiguity as to how it applies to your situation.
Violations of these rules will be punished by the staff with 1 day chat bans.
We reserve the right to set in higher punishments for extreme violations.
Yellow cards are no longer given from this day on.

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