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1. General information about 11x11
2. How do tournaments work?
3. How to make money in 11x11?
4. Experience & level up
5. Draft
6. Stars, star bonuses, star talismans, star slots.

1. General information about 11x11

You should read the rules before you start to play 11x11, they are the base of the game. In the game you will find icons showing a question mark on several places. There you can find short information texts, which will guide you through the game too.

If you need more help, you can read the rules or search the 11x11 forums. There you can ask questions to the community. If you need help regarding privacy (account security, payment for Boosters, etc.), we advise you to send a support ticket. An admin or moderator will contact and help you as fast as possible.

2. How do tournaments work?

While playing 11x11 your team can play friendlies and championships. Also you can participate in tournaments. Official tournaments are planned and organized by the admin team. These tournaments are activated to specific times involving all levels and for smaller and larger user counts.

Football unions (a kind of guild) can organize tournaments as well.

15 minutes before a tournament starts, you can apply for it. If a tournament is planned i.e. for four teams and there are more than four teams with application, the access will be drawn. If you use a booster at this point, you can get a guaranteed invitation.

For all tournaments and friendlies (but not for championship games)  in 11x11, you need to be online. You need to set up your roster and tactics for every game within 7 minutes before a game starts. The time counts down on the left side of your 11x11 window. Also you can use the link at this place to go to your roster and tactics site. After creating your favorite setup you only need to send these information. The game will be simulated including these setup information.

For winning games and tournaments, you can earn money, glory and experience.

3. How to make money in 11x11?

Especially in the beginning of your fresh football manager career, you should play as many friendlies and tournaments as possible to earn money, glory and experience. By wisely investing the earned money in your staff, buildings and stadium you can generate a lot of money. There are many ways to raise your money, i.e. a shop or a bigger stadium.

Apart of this you can exchange your boosters for ingame money.

4. Experience & level up

The more experience you earn the more your level will raise. With a higher level you get more possibilities to use, i.e. the transfer market or the youth school. You can see your experience and level status on the 11x11 main page (i.e. 100/300. That means that you have earned 100 experience points and you need 300 in total to level up).

5. Draft

Participation in the draft is possible for users with level 4 or higher.

The term "Draft" is borrowed from the hockey slang, but used here in a different meaning.

He was chosen because of its similarity and semantic sense of the procedure of player’s transferring rights, who do not have an active contract with any team.
In our case Draft is a procedure, which is letting the player select his new team by himself.

Every day the system adds a few young players with average skills and high rate of talent to the market. They are ready to go to any team, winning in the Draft, for a fixed price.
Team managers apply for a favorite player. This immediately costs for an application,is one booster.

Draft auction, which gives users the opportunity to receive a talented player with boosters. At the end of the day, the user with the  latest bid will win the auction. The booster will then be deducted from
the user's account. Offers will increase gradually by a single booster. Only one bid per hour is possible.

6. Stars, star bonuses, star talismans, star slots.

Star players gain more experience from training and matches, and their maximum skill is higher than that of ordinary players.

Star Rank Exp Maximum skill Skill level
unknown x1 240 30
Local Star x1.5 264 33
National Star x2 280 35
International Star x2.5 296 37
Legendary Star x3 320 40
Super Legendary Star x5 400 50

The number of star players in the team, directly depends on the capacity of the stadium:

1 star - 2 500 places
2 stars - 5 000 places
3 stars - 10 000 places
4 stars - 15 000 places
5 stars - 22 500 places
6 stars - 30,000 places
7 stars - 35 000 places
8 stars - 40 000
9 stars - 45 000 places
10 stars - 50,000 places
11 stars - 55 000 places
12 stars - 60,000 places
13 stars - 65 000 places
14 stars - 70 000 places
15 stars - 75,000 places
16 stars - 80,000 places
17 stars - 85 000 places
18 stars - 90 000
19 stars - 95,000 places
20 stars - 100 000 places
21 stars - 105,000 places
22 stars - 110 000 places

Star bonus - one-time charge 25000 points of experience to a football player and with a certain chance can increase its star status. If a player does not have a star status, then he can become a local star.

Star talisman - increases the star status of the player with a probability several times higher than the star bonus, at the same time, 30,000 experience points are awarded.
The mascot has a limitation, can open any star, but up to the international level inclusive.

Star Slot - extra space for the star player on the team. Slot is temporary, is removed with the player's retirement or in the event of removal of star status from the player.
Activation of the slot occurs automatically, on the future player's star.

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