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1. Transfer market

The seller receives the money for a player with the following restrictions maximum amounts:

in the absence of a scout - 1.7 times basic price of the player.
if scout-1 - 1.8 times
if Scout 2 - 1.9 times
if scout-3 - 2 times.

With the amount actually received by the seller is held 10% "tax".

Now all players who is more than 35 years old can't be sold on transfers market.

11x11 offers a transfer market on which players can be traded. The suggested purchasing price may only lie between half of and twice the player’s market value, according to his profile.

When you put a player on the market, the current numbers are binding (market value/skill/ability/combination). Changes to e.g. skill distribution or the age of players remain unconsidered. You will have to remove a player and put him back on the market. Only then will the new market value become active!

Beware that we can punish very big transfers.

Transfers, lending and exchanges are not allowed on authorized multi-accounts!Attempts to bypass this rule with the help of third parties will be punished as well.



You can read these rule changes under "transfers". Rule 4.9, which addresses the buying and selling of players over one ip, is still in effect.

After reaching level 5 you can rent players. You can rent players for at least one day and up to a maximum of 14 days.


With level 6 you can exchange up to three players with other users.

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