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1. What are boosters?
2. How can I purchase boosters?
3. What are boosters used for?

1. What are boosters?

Boosters are very precious points, which can be won for special victories in 11x11. These “free Boosters” can be used for special abilities, for example the players restoration after a hard game.

Apart of this there are boosters, which can be bought. Generally you do not need to buy anything to play 11x11 successfully, but we offer such premium services to users, which would like to enjoy more possibilities in the game.

2. How can I purchase boosters?

For buying boosters you can choose between several payment solutions. As soon as they are available you can see them by going to: Premium -> Buy boosters and start ordering Boosters.

3. What are boosters used for?

You can use boosters for restoring your team faster and for a faster injury healing. Also you can buy a VIP-rank with Boosters to get some special advantages like raised experience or more free agents in the market.

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