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1. Welcome to 11x11!
2. Game moderation
3. How to play 11x11?
4. A few things about your football team

1. Welcome to 11x11!

Welcome to free-to-play football manager 11x11. We hope you will enjoy the game very much and reach your goal to build up one of the best teams in football.

2. Game moderation

The game is supported by admins and moderators. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.  Apart of this the admin & moderators team is responsible to approve new founded football unions, to create tournaments, to check team logos and many other tasks.

We are giving our very best to make your gaming experience at 11x11 as comfortable as possible. If there are any problems or questions please contact us, so that we can find the best solution together with you!

3. How to play 11x11?

11x11 is a so called browser game. That means, that there is no need of buying or installing any software. You can simply play 11x11 with your internet browser.

4. A few things about your football team

When starting to play 11x11, you receive a team including a squad of players. You can train them and teach new special abilities and tasks. After celebrating the first victories your players can even learn new positions (combination training).

Your players have several skills available in regard to their positions. For example marking, dribbling, shot power and many more.

A football game and also the training can be very exhausting. You should  keep an eye on your players fitness level. Maybe they will need some free-time or other special actions to recover their fitness.

The teams morale is a very important factor. It will raise and reduce after victories and defeats. But you can get a better a control of your players morale, by hiring a psychologist to you staff.

A player is only effective when playing in his learned postition. His skills will be reduced when playing on an unknown position.

Combination Training
Your players can learn a second position. It is not low priced but it will give the coach more possibilities to place the players on the field.

Every football player will end his career at some time. When reaching the age of 40, every player will retire and enjoy the time with his family or sitting on the tribune.

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