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Welcome to the website dedicated to Twenty-first World Championship in the online football manager!

At the end of qualifying selection will be selected leaders, who are guaranteed to participate in the World Cup. Coach gets the opportunity to gather a team to participate in the World Cup. Team should consist of the 11 managers considering the coach.

Coach has the right to request assistance in the finalize staffing of team or to participate in incomplete composition, if at the time of the launch in the team are 9(10) managers, and the coach has not requested assistance in finalize staffing. (see Rules).

For the gathering teams allotted period from 15th of April and until 20th of April (inclusive).
Finalize staffing of teams will be 21th of April.
World Championship Itself will take place from 22th of April until 18th of May (inclusive).

Please note that the data from players to send them their prizes are accepted for 45 days after the World Cup.
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